Basic Research

Deputy Director
Alberto Bardelli, PhD

In the past 30 years, basic research in disciplines such as cell biology, molecular genetics and developmental biology has provided invaluable insights into the regulatory circuits that govern cancer onset and progression. It was discovered that cancer is caused by mutations in genes (oncogenes) that control cell proliferation, cell growth, cell survival, and cell differentiation. Importantly, it was discovered that the types of cancers that had been historically defined based on tissue of origin and classical techniques of pathology can be further divided into many more subtypes when analyzed at the molecular level, and each of these subtypes is caused by a specific genetic lesion that drives tumor onset and progression. The research activities of the Division of Basic Research will be directed toward understanding the molecular mechanisms that control normal cell behavior and how these are disrupted in cancer. The overall mission of this program is to identify, through the advancement of knowledge in cell biology, alterations that promote cancer progression and new opportunities for treating the disease. Research activities will cover signal transduction, cell division, cell differentiation, apoptosis, cell and tissue morphogenesis, cell migration, and experimental metastasis.


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